Manufacturing Capabilities

PIP markets products from our own factories here in the US along with a network of manufacturers in China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Taiwan and others. These sources build products to our specifications and are quality controlled by over 60 PIP employees in Asia.

knitting room

PR Industries

Chaska, Minnesota

PRI produces high quality specialty knitted cut and heat resistant gloves, and are capable of designing and producing coating patterns that meet specifications on string knit shells that fit with customers' needs.

knitting room

McHenry Manufacturing Inc

Bluffton, Indiana

McHenry Manufacturing’s knitting and sewing operation specializes in protective sleeves, work aprons and hoods.

screen printing

Black Pearl

Guilderland, New York

Our Guilderland facility offers custom packaging, imprinting and labeling as well dielectric testing for electrical insulating gloves.


PIP Hong Kong and PIP China are the centers of our R&D and sourcing operation. With a core team of 80 PIP employees negotiating, buying, inspecting, researching and testing, you are confident that you are receiving quality, compliant product every time.

We do business with over 170 factories around the world, but only a handful of 30 of factories are considered Preferred Qualified Vendors – and they represent over 90% of our product sales.