PIP® COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Despite the ongoing battle with coronavirus, we continue to work hard, adapt and pivot to ensure that we do our part to “Keep America Working Safe.” By adhering to strict state government protocols, we’ve succeeded at being able to continue working at our locations safely, productively and without any impact to service levels. Our manufacturing and sourcing supply lines remain robust – ensuring that our service levels remain strong.

Our ESSENTIALS™ Program that was launched in May remains a go-to resource for many customers who are serviced by our distributor partners each day. While this best practice guide provides customers with basic safety protocols, we’ve also focused on identifying alternative reusable PPE that is designed to help protect workers from occupational hazards while minimizing direct contact with shared work surfaces or equipment.

Our Product Management team has also been working overtime on new product development. In the last 12 months alone, we have introduced more than 185 new products. Many of these products are designed to help workers feel more confident as they adapt to new working protocols. At the same time, our Marketing team has pivoted to make all of our industry-leading collateral one hundred percent digital. Documents are either made available for download or viewable via digital flipbooks for convenience and speed. We are also meeting virtually more than ever – both internally with each other and externally with our customers. There is no doubt that everyone in the organization is doing their part to "Keep America Working Safe".

Over the next 90 days, we will work safely and strategically to do our part to help to minimize the spread. To start, we are reviewing all protocols that have been put in place to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees while maintaining zero interruptions in service. At the same time, we anticipate some striking innovations are on the horizon that will set a new bar in worker confidence. It’s all part of our ESSENTIALS™ program developed for long-term sustainable and trusted solutions – as well as our commitment to continue to evolve to meet your ever-changing safety needs.


John Romano
Chief Commercial Officer
Protective Industrial Products


PIP® COVID-19 Update

Despite the ongoing battle with coronavirus, we continue to work hard, adapt and pivot to ensure that we do our part to "Keep America Working Safe."


PIP® Sustainability and Responsibility Statement

The world is changing. We, as a global provider of hand protection and PPE along with our industrial distributors and retailer partners, must lead the way by offering products and solutions that minimize environmental impact and maximize protection from occupational hazards.